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In this difficult historical moment that we are living, Cava Li Santi offers a Cancellation Guarantee for Covid-19, which protects the customer and his travel companions in the event that he is forced to cancel his stay in the previous 30 days before check-in.

This Guarantee provides a VOUCHER of the amount already paid for the reservation.


Cancellation Terms & Conditions for Covid-19:

The final price includes the special Cancellation Guarantee for Covid which protects the customer and his travel companions in the event, that he is forced to cancel his stay within 30 days prior to the scheduled check-in date due to the occurrence of at least one of the following COVID-19 epidemic containment measures officially imposed by governments / competent authorities:


  • applicable for national lockdown, in the municipality or in the customer residence area; the personal data of all customers must be correctly entered at the time of booking, in the specific form of the participants’ personal data.


  • applicable for local lockdown concerning the area in which the booked structure is located which sanctions the closure of the municipal territory or of a specific area, limiting its free circulation and thus decreeing the objective impossibility for the customer to reach it to carry out his living room.


All types of measures not listed above are excluded from this guarantee, including for example following ones:

  • Covid infection
  • mandatory quarantine of the customer upon his arrival in Italy and / or upon his return, even if imposed by the competent authorities;
  • red zones and restrictions in the area where the airport and / or arrival and / or departure station is located;
  • closure of the airport and / or station of arrival and / or departure;
  • cancellation / delays / postponement of booked flights;
  • cancellation of events and / or any activity that are the reason for the holiday;
  • customer’s fear of traveling / personal reasons;
  • causes not related to the Covid-19 health emergency;
  • unofficial restrictions and containment measures not issued by competent authorities.


With this guarantee, the customer who cancels due to one of the four restrictive measures covered by the coverage has the right to receive a VOUCHER of the amount already paid for the reservation.

We are confident that the situation will improve in following months, but we also recognize that it is not possible to make predictions.

Whatever the future holds, holiday safety remains a priority for us.

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